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Monday, May 15, 2006

When it rains....

Two weekends of rain yet I was out taking photos at some point during both weekends. Many spring flowers are currently in decline and the next couple of days may be the last chance to see them for this year. Bleeding Hearts here, in Highland and over in West Virginia put on a good show this year but are now setting seed and fading away. There are some amazing sites for these flowers in the area. This is a good time to begin a notebook if you haven't already so that next year you will know when and where to look to catch Bleeding Hearts and other flowers at peak bloom.
I was surprised yesterday (Mother's Day) to see the Marsh Marigolds are still in bloom along 220 and 84 in Highland County. I think the cool nights have helped extend the season for these and some other plants. But again, the early part of this week could be the end of the season for these beauties that love water.
Pink Lady's Slippers should be looking good most places this week after a bit of a late start. Large Whorled Pogonia and Showy Orchis will both be in decline. The Showy Orchis remained spectacular all week last week. I photographed all white flowers to almost all purple flowers and most combinations in between. The site on Forest Service land over near Douthat State Park is truly amazing.
Some of the Leather Flowers are still around but not for much longer.
Keep an eye out in the edge of the woods for Pinkster and Flame Azalea. These showy flowers, called honeysuckle locally, are some of our most spectacular. The colors range from almost white to dark flame red and many combinations in between.
And if it is raining when you want to head out, take an umbrella or enjoy the view from your vehicle - but don't miss the chance to see the flowers.


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