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Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fools

April really starts to bring out the fool in those of us who love nature and especially wildflowers. You'll see me parked along the road, leaning against the hillside with a camera or perhaps even laying in the ditch trying to get a closer look at some beauty of nature.
In this area, the Walton Tract off route42 in southeastern Bath County is still the best place I have found for flowers. I understand there are some nice beauties on the Gorge Hike at the Homestead. I'm sure there are many great spots around. Trout lily, Hepatica, Bloodroot, Tooth wort are the most common flowers that I see.
Virginia is starving for moisture right now and we really need those April showers. So when ever it rains this month, instead of complaining I'm going to celebrate and hope that we get lots of moisture for the spring and summer flowers. The weather report said Virginia only got one tenth of the precipitaion normal for March. That is not good for the plants, streams or rivers. So pray for rain.


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